Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is complicated and overwhelming sometimes

Life is complicated sometimes.  Overwhelmingly complicated.  I can't even process all of the things I have learned in the last few hours.

The son of one of my friends was just diagnosed with leukemia.  He has a mass, a cancerous tumor in his chest, pressing on his lungs and heart.  He had to be awake for a spinal tap.  He is the same age as A, in her grade, but not her class.  My heart just goes out to his family.  I keep praying for them.  I believe in the power of prayer.  This little boy is a fun, funny, jubilant, adorable, happy go lucky little guy.  His parents are nice and fun and funny and great people.  It could happen to any of us.  I keep hugging my kids and thanking God for them and praying that he helps this family, this little boy.

I also learned that friends of ours have some really serious problems.  Jason always accuses me of living in my own world, my own little bubble and assuming that everyone's life is similar to mine.  This is the only life, lifestyle that I have known.  I know I am fortunate and I thank God for that every day.  I am not sure how to go on in this particular friendship now that I know these things.  About a year ago, in a conversation, some things were said that eluded to what is going on.  But then some time passed where I didn't see these people and I thought everything was okay.  After what I have heard, I know that things are not okay and looking back, I see things now that I guess at the time, I just glossed over or missed or didn't want to see.  But now they seem so glaringly obvious and I have to confront the fact that I am one of those people that only sees what I want to see sometimes.  But even more, how do you help someone without making them feel uncomfortable, without making them feel embarrassed?  Is it my place to help them?  Should I just continue with things as they were?

The person that told me this is actually the person that introduced us to this family.  She was closer with them, she saw them more and they confided in her more.  But then things happened and she thinks they felt that she knew too much, so they have backed away.  The person that told me this also said that maybe these people like who they are when they are with us, who we think they are.  Is that enabling or strengthening?  Can I just go on with blinders on?

These are the times when I would feel sorry for someone who does not have a strong relationship with God.  While I don't necessarily think of myself as being a very religious person, I am very spiritual and I have a strong faith in God.  All I can do is pray for these people.