Friday, June 25, 2010

End of school :)

The past two days have been busy, busy, busy with end of the school year celebration!

On Thursday, I had lunch with some moms that I used to hang out with a lot before I started working at the library.  They typically meet while I am at work.  It was great to hang out and catch up and try some Asian Fusion food :)  Beautiful and delicious!  I learned some things about the principal of P's school that have me very upset (yet again!).  I also learned that two of these women are going through some really tough times and I hope they realize that I am sincere in offering my support.  If they need anything...

Thursday afternoon, the girls and I hung out with one of P's friends and her mom.  Her mom is a teacher and a single mom.  We talked about home schooling and she told me that if her situation were different, she would not hesitate to home school.  She was very encouraging and I am very grateful.  P and her daughter had not been in the same class until this year and only recently became friends, but I think I have made a new friend as well :)  I really enjoyed chatting with her and we have a lot of similar interests and values :)

Today was spent grocery shopping and birthday present shopping and end of school year gift shopping.  Then P's BFF and my friend, Chrissy surprised P at school today and went out for Green Cow Yogurt with us.
Here the girls are showing Chrissy their yearbooks :)

I LOVE the friendship that my girls have developed with my friends, Chrissy and Sandy.  Sandy was our children's librarian (she has since moved on to head the Young Adult section of a much larger library!  Go Sandy!).  Sandy and I both love a lot of the same books and both think of authors as being just as exciting as rock stars.  Last fall, we decided to go to an Author Meet & Greet and we took A along for the day.  A made out great, she met a TON of children's authors who gave away all kinds of goodies, and then of course, I bought their books :)  But seriously, what better experience for a child to have to encourage their love of reading?  Well, it got even better when Sandy saw how easy it is to make A go into a giggle fit...and then Sandy could not resist!  The two of them became fast friends!

I work with Chrissy as well and she has a little jewelry making business.  This spring, she brought over bins and tubs and bags and bags and tubs and bins of beads.  A had a birthday party to go to, but P and Chrissy and I beaded to our heart's content and P and Chrissy became BFFs!  They made up a secret handshake and everything!  P writes stories and draws pictures for Chrissy and they send each other little love notes on facebook:)

I am so completely thrilled to have these young, hip, educated women in my daughter's lives.  They are terrific role models!  And I am so grateful for the interest that they have taken in my children.  (They are also fantastic friends of mine!)  In the winter, A had some sort of discussion in school about going to adults that you trust for advice and A came home and told me that if she didn't think she could talk to me, she would go to Sandy.  I was thrilled that she felt that way and that she had someone in her life that had good values and morals, integrity and a solid sense of herself that was young and hip and that my daughter felt that comfortable with that she knew she could go to her if she felt funny coming to me.  And I trust the advice Sandy would give her :)

I also got my hair cut!  I go through phases of growing it and then wanting it short.  I had grown it quite long, had it cut to shoulder-length and now a shorter, sassier, summery bob :)  I LOVE it!



And now we are off to an end of the year pool party at one of A's friends' homes :)  Fun, fun, fun....I feel so free!  I love when they are home and out of school!