Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Glorious Weekend

I feel so blessed.  So absolutely lucky to be alive and to have so many wonderful people in my life!  I feel so thankful for my children and my husband and my parents and for the fantastic weekend we are enjoying together!

Yesterday was P's dance recital:

I love that proud, happy look on her face!

Hitching a ride with Daddy :)

I made these pear, pea and pecorino crostini from this beautiful cookbook that I got for my birthday: Maxine Clark's Italian Kitchen.  Jason & I love to cook and we collect cookbooks, this is one of the most aesthetically beautiful cookbooks I have ever seen.

I was COMPLETELY psyched!  Jason asked for a prime lens for his camera for Father's Day.  Prime lenses are not very expensive, so when I ordered it at Amazon and I got the "Other people that ordered this also ordered..." message, I ordered another lens that got high reviews and is capable of macro photography..he was just playing yesterday...still learning...

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we enjoyed cocktails and appetizers on the deck with family:

This morning, P sang with the Children's Choir in church

After church, I puttered around working on photo books and Jason did some things around the house.  Then we enjoyed some time at our Swim Club.

A & P ran into a friend! P & I practiced P's swimming together :)

Now we are all lounging around, considering playing Wii and heading to one of our favorite places for dinner :)