Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Photo Books!

When my girls were little, I got into the whole scrapbooking craze and chronicled every life event in a scrapbook!  I loved capturing those moments and it made me take more pictures and take pictures with purpose, thinking what I could journal and how to get the right shot for the journal entry.  I even loved working on the scrapbooks and reliving the moments.  And to this day, my whole family loves looking at the scrapbooks!

But I didn't like the mess, all the bits of papers strewn all over.  After a while my back would hurt.  I never knew which embellishments to buy and ended up always buying waaaaay more than I needed...and then not knowing what to do with them! lol.  Sometimes the embellishments I loved in the store made a page bubble and bunch under it's page protector--they all look so good without the page protectors!  But throw them under plastic and it ripples and bunches and looks messy!  Sometimes I cut a picture in the wrong spot or too small.  I would mess up on little things when I was almost done....

Last year, a friend gave us a photo book as a gift and I was awestruck by how beautiful it was!  I loved the simple design and the beautiful layouts!  I literally "scrapped" my "Year in Review" album and instead, made a photo book.  My family was blown away by the quality.  I have used both snapfish and shutterfly.  I thout shutterfly's quality was better.

Now that we got a Mac, I am very excited to use iphoto to make a photo book.  I love how intuitive the program is and how wonderful all the editing software is...I can't stop playing with it!