Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Beginnings: A Cleansing Breath

It hit me today: It is REALLY summer!!!!!!  Our schools got out really late, because Labor Day was really late last year.  But it is here.  It is finally really here.

I am one of those moms that LOVES summer.  Loves having the kids home.  Loves being with them.

We had a big family chat yesterday about what we expect from the girls: keep their rooms clean, some other chores; practice math facts, or play Math Bingo or another math game every day; read every day.

We have done allowances in the past and it just never worked for us.  The girls would get a few dollars, put the allotted amount in the collection plate at church and be yammering to spend the rest.  On junk.  Stuff they didn't even care about.  So, we decided to use a point system this summer.  They set a goal of buying a new Mario game for the Wii.  For every chore they do and for keeping their room neat, they get a point.  They also get a point for writing GOOD book reviews or fictional stories with a solid beginning, middle and end.  They have been very we should get the new Mario game in no time!

I am looking at ways to teach them about investing money.  Any suggestions?