Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Vacation

After much thought and family discussion, we have decided on our vacation destination this year.  We are going to Williamsburg, Virginia for a week.  Both A & P love history.  They love Little House on the Prairie and the American Girl novels and the Dear American series.  (And I must confess, I do as well!).  We are all very excited to visit the living historical village and the plantations in the area.

We considered going for just a long weekend, but decided that being able to go back to village as many times as we wanted, not wear ourselves out on one hot day, would be worth staying longer.

We will also visit Busch Gardens, which sounds like it is not only fun, but also very educational, as everything is themed around Europe.  There is da Vinci's Garden, with various rides based on da Vinci's sketches.  It is supposed to be the most beautiful theme park in the world and have lovely gardens, which Jason is very excited about!

We will also go to Water Country, USA and Yankee Candle Factory and several other fun places in the area.

We found a great hotel that offers an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a meditation garden as well as acres and acres of lush gardens.  We are all very excited!

The girls are re-reading the Felicity books from the American Girl series and studying the websites.