Friday, June 18, 2010


It has been a whirlwind of a day and I am need of a break.

It started when I was doing P's hair this morning and A wanted a cool compress for her eye.  I looked at her eye and it looked irritated.  We all have allergies and I was unsure if she'd scratched it, if she had something in it or if it was the dreaded pink eye!  I looked at her eye, saw nothing, no crust, nothing in it...and I was not sure what to I called the school nurse who said to send her in and the nurse would look at it.

I dropped both girls off at their respective schools, came home and tidied up and got ready for work...I was on my way to work, stopped at a traffic light when the nurse called me on my cell phone to tell me that A was saying her eye was bothering her and though the nurse saw no signs of conjunctivitis, it was a half day and they were having an assembly and I might as well come and get her...sooo, instead of making a left to go to the library, I made a right to go get A at school.

I called the doctor from the school parking lot and they said to bring her right in!  Amazing, I know!

We whizzed over to the pediatrician, who declared it just allergy eyes and decided, since it was already 10:30 at this point, and A would be getting out of school in 2 hours, to call the library and see what they wanted us to do.  My darling wonderful amazing boss said, "Bring A here!"  So, I did and she read and played on the computer and searched for more books for her WWII interest and her recycling interest.

I was busy at work and forgot that P was getting out early, so I was late to pick her up and then A and then we all headed back to the library so I could pack up my stuff.  We stopped on the way home for lunch and got teacher gift cards :)

We got home and within minutes, the Lupus Foundation was at my door asking where the donated goods were.  In all the confusion this morning, I forgot to put the bags out by the garage!  So we went out and got all the bags out of the garage (feels so good to give to those in need AND have a clean garage!!).

I came back inside and the phone was ringing.  Jason has to work late, some muckety mucks on the project need to meet with him in the city tonight...

I have a staff meeting at 5 and P gets out of dance at 5...and he was supposed to pick her up, take the girls for dinner and watch them when I was at the meeting and then I was supposed to go and visit my mom at the now I am scrambling, but will probably just bring them with me to the meeting and then see when Jason gets home and if it is too late to go to the hospital.

Right now, I could use a nap, or at the very least some yoga, but I feel like I should find a more productive use of my cleaning the bathrooms!