Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gettin' Class-y!

The hubster had to work today.  So, although we were hoping to all go to a local botanical garden for a scavenger hunt, seminars on composting and beekeeping and soil and sampling wines from local wineries...we have come to see hubby's work being busy as a great blessing :)  

We have all been discussing where to set up our learning area.  I really wanted to try to keep my living and dining rooms the way they are, as I like them the way they are and don't want to hang maps and papers on the walls.  We contemplated having the girls share a room....but then Jason reminded us that there is a whole unused space in our basement.  And it is perfect!  

A couple of years ago we finished our basement, creating an office, workshop, TV room and a room off the TV room that was sort a playroom/exercise area, but we never really utilized all of the space.  And it's perfect!  It's right near the Family/TV room so we can cuddle on couches for some reading; not far from the office if we want to use the computer and near enough to the laundry room that I can keep up with laundry while the girls do lessons.  And there is a bathroom right off our new learning area!

 After the girls tennis lessons this morning, the girls and I went shopping and got some things to make it look a little more class-y :)  We'll be posting pictures of the finished area as soon as it is done!  Right now, we are looking into chalkboard paint for the two doors in the space; and considering whether we should paint a whole wall with whiteboard paint and turn it all into a dry-erase area, or just buy a dry-erase board!  I love decorating and since this is a space for the girls, they are helping me make the decisions :)