Thursday, July 22, 2010

I thought...

I thought I had made the decision to homeschool.  I had weighed all the pros and cons, deliberated, researched, weighed pros & cons again....My parents came over for a visit yesterday and after seeing what the girls and I are doing with our Unit Study on Colonial Williamsburg, my parents gave us their seal of approval.  They said they are behind us 100%!  The girls decided my dad should be the Superintendent, Jason the Principal and my mom the Vice Principal!

But then this morning I woke up, thinking about my informal high school reunion tomorrow night.  I had always thought a reunion of everyone who had been in high school at the same time would be better than just a reunion of a certain class, since I had friends that were older and younger.  I was never sure how to pull it off....but with the wonders of facebook, my friend KOJ and I are planning for just that for tomorrow night.  It's completely informal, at a bar & grille in the town where we grew up.  We are excited to see everyone, to reminisce and catch thinking about this, I started thinking about my girls...will they have this with homeschool?  Will they have a group of friends that will reconnect on some social networking forum of the future?  Will they meet up 20 years from now?  Will they have the memories to share?

And now I am back to being undecided again :(