Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Collages

Last summer, I let the girls choose colors and we painted their rooms.  A had picked white, but after a while, she changed her mind.  

Over Spring Break, the girls and I painted her room a limey green that we call "Day-Glo" mainly because A loves the sixties and John Lennon and peace signs. We bought some posters and frames for the walls and it is almost done.  

I like the idea of letting the girls' personalize their space.  

We decided to create photo collages.

The girls picked pictures:

We spread everything out on the floor so we could all work togehter.

Which was not an easy feat with Ollie around :)

We all had fun looking at the pictures we printed and selecting ones for the collage:

you get to see our huge, messy pile of library books in the lower left corner ;-)
We had bought scrapbooking embellishments that went with our color and theme:

We were really happy with the finished products :)

It creates a nice effect on the wall: