Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little Practical Math

I can totally see where unschooling would be amazing, although I do think that I am too controlling and would need to know that we are covering adequate spelling, grammar, math, comprehension, writing, etc.  That being said, I think there are teachable moments in everyday life and we are determined, as a family, to take advantage of them.  Sure, we can do this whether or not the girls are in school, but if they are in school, sitting at a desk 6+ hours a day, coming home to do 1-2 hours of homework, an hour or so of an extracurricular....we are all fried and we just...don't :(

We have a driveway made of pavers.  But, we have been neglectful and we really need to spray some Round-up and fill the joints with sand.  This is a project possibly for next weekend.  Jason was prepping for it and we decided it was a project to get the girls involved in.

The girls measured the driveway

Jason showed them how to draw a diagram and plug their measurements in

A figured out the area :)

Jason talked to the girls about estimating and getting a little extra so you don't run out :)

Then they all went on-line to find out what size bags or containers the sand comes in and to figure out how much we need :)

Stay tuned for next weekend when we start powerwashing and filling in the joints with sand :)
Luckily our neighbors have a pool and have told us to feel free to take breaks & cool down :)