Thursday, July 29, 2010

UPDATE: My letter to the Superintendent

It seems that since our school system received our letter of withdrawal, they have taken my letter to the Superintendent more seriously and I am suddenly getting responses from the Superintendent and Principals replying to parts of the letter that I was assured would be held completely confidential. Hmmmmmmm.  As if that were not enough to vindicate my reasoning for withdrawing my children, the responses are all that these things did not happen.

When, in fact, I have spoken with several of A's school friends and their parents, in addition to kids she was not friendly with who came in to the town public library, where I work evenings as a reference librarian.  All of these students confirmed that yes, their NJ ASK scores were read aloud and yes, the teacher gave gifts to certain students on the last day of school. 

I am considering forwarding the emails I have received FROM the teacher...but do I really want this drama in my life?  Do I need it anymore?  I am taking my kids out of the school...but maybe by showing them the emails I can make a difference for the parents that don't have the option of removing their children from the school.