Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Hop--These are MY Students


This is our first year of homeschooling and we are so excited!!  These are my students:

My daughter, A, is ten years old.  She is a gifted artist.  She loves to sew (it's in her blood--my grandmother was a seamstress!) and my awesome mom works with her on the sewing machine.  She also loves Harry Potter and more recently, Percy Jackson.  Her interest in Percy Jackson has lead to an interest in Greek Mythology and her deciding on her own, to create a book about Greek Mythology :)

My daughter P is 8 years old.  She loves music and
she loves to sing.  She is our funny little cuddle bug.
She loves to read.  For years, Junie B. Jones was
her hero!  But now she has become obsessed with
Judy Moody and Stink.  She dreams of being a fashion designer when she grows up and is excited to start her sewing lessons with Mama (my mom) this fall.