Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unit Study: Colonial Williamsburg

We read a book and took some notes on life in Colonial Williamsburg in the 1700s.

We learned that poor people sold their hair.  And that a sign of wealth was to shave your own hair and to buy a wig; white wigs were the most expensive.  

We found instructions to make white wigs using the waist of white tights:
and some batting:

All of this talk of Colonial Times made my girls want to dress up in their Little House on the Prairie costumes from Halloween a couple of years they are trying VERY hard not to smile as they pretend to be from that era and not understand what a camera is.  They are pretending to look sad and forlorn like people in photographs from those days looked.  

The wigs did not come out quite as good as we had hoped...I feel wierd even showing you...I think we should have made the cotton wider and shaped it...