Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Hoppin'

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Last week, I had the joy of participating in my very first Twitter party.  Which, even though I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing, was a lot of fun and I made some great contacts and learned SO MUCH!!  

Then, having been bitten by the social networking bug, I participated in not one, not two, but THREE Blog Hops...and again, the wealth of information...WOW!  Learning from others who have been at it for a while is awesome and I am so very grateful for the experience!

So, without further ado, I am partaking in this week's Heart of the Matter Blog Hop!

This is our very first year homeschooling and we are...I really can't say it enough...THRILLED!  EXCITED!!

We were less than pleased with our daughters' public school experiences regarding standardized testing and teaching to the test and feel that the current educational trend is devoid of creativity and without that...well, who would enjoy learning?

We have been having a blast picking out Curriculum.

And designing our learning area:

We finished our basement last year, and have yet to match the trim around the doors :(  But it will do for now.  I really want to paint the doors with chalkboard paint and am considering whether I want to buy a whiteboard for the left side wall or paint the wall with whiteboard paint...anyone used white board paint?  How did it come out?

The door on the right is a HUGE closet :)
The door on the left is a half bath :)
I would like to paint both door with chalkboard paint
(maybe this week??)

We have this year's curriculum handy...but it is all still a work in progress!

And to top it off...I wanted to share this, as I am BUBBLING with excitement...I am a think-ahead kind of girl.  So although my girls are entering 3rd and 5th grades, I kind of wanted to know...what about high school?  I had called our county vo-tech...and they just returned my call as I was writing this
and told me that they LOVE to accept homeschooled students.  They waive the guidance counselor and standardized test scores because they find that the homeschooled kids always do phenomenally well.  They asked me to PLEASE keep them in mind when the time comes...they could not say enough how much they appreciate their homeschooled students.
I've read the articles.  I've read the blogs.
But until I heard it with my own ears from the Superintendent of our County Vo-Tech...well, let's just say hearing it made my day and convinced me that we are doing the right thing :)