Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heart of the Matter Blog Hop - Curriculum

Not Back to School Blog Hop

After much research, deliberation, list making, review consulting, analyzing, blog reading, crossing out and consideration, we have chosen our first homeschool curriculum.  I'm so excited and the girls can't wait to get started!!


Easy Grammar
I like the idea of memorizing all of the prepositions first.  I can see where the rest of the parts of speech would fall into place after that.

Writing Strands (we are starting with 3)
It got such great reviews, and after looking through it...I LOVE IT!

Spelling & Phonics

Modern Curriculum Press Phonics, Level C, 2003
Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout, Level C, 2003

Modern Curriculum Press Word Study, Level E
Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout, Level E, 2003

I learned Phonics with this program when I was a kid in Catholic school.  I have used it over the summers with the girls since they get little to no Phonics in school and the girls actually asked if we could use this program!  I was thrilled to see Level F has Greek and Roman roots for words!!!!

Drawn into the Heart of Reading
MCP Comprehension Plus, Level C - P
MCP Comprehension Plus, Level E- A

I really wanted a program where we could read novels of our choosing.  I love how creative DITHOR is and how it's not a ton of explanation for parents, but a lot of hands-on useful stuff! I have not yet ordered the student workbooks, but I am considering it :) I also bought a book of Reproducibles for them to use.  We have also used Reading Detective in the past and will continue to do so periodically.

Life of Fred-Fractions
JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigy) Math Grades 3 & 5

I wanted to use Life of Fred.  I love the idea of teaching math through a story!  The girls use Everyday Math in school and we DESPISE it..so I wanted to stay as far away as possible.  I am intrigued by JUMP and the first unit, fractions is available as a free download.  So we are going to try it.  See how we like it.  I like that it's fractions and we wanted to do Life of Fred Fractions.

USBorne Encyclopedia of Science
Basic not Boring Science 4-6 Grade
* we also have several science experiment books that we are constantly "trying things" from :-)

Social Studies
USBorne Encyclopedia of World History
50 States: Facts & Capitals
History of Your State series

Rosetta Stone, Spanish Levels 1-5

I would really like to Use "Word Roots" to teach them Latin, but we are starting with this.  There are so many, many things to choose from.

The girls are also in a Co-op where they will take Latin, Drama, Recorder, Yoga and Science classes :)

They will get a balanced, well rounded education!