Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Math Bingo

I blogged about how even though we are de-schooling, we are playing Mad Libs to reinforce parts of speech.  We are also playing Math Bingo to reinforce math facts.  We actually have several versions of Math Bingo.  One we bought at the Dollar Store, another we bought at Toys r Us.  And some we have created ourselves, depending on which skills we are working on.  Both girls can work on addition, subtraction and multiplication.  A can work on Division.  I can easily figure out a question to ask, such as "What is 16 divided by four?"  wait a few seconds and then ask "What is 2 times 2"...which will allow A to check her answer.  Of course, I don't ever do that when I know that one of them will get Bingo at the next turn.

Here is a link to make Bingo cards. There are other sites that you have to pay for, but I have found that this one works fine.