Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm so EXCITED...I Just Can't Hide It...

I have been sick with an awful cold, sore throat, bad cough and viral pink eye.  Yes, I am a mess!  I don't ever remember being sick like this in the summer :(  But, if you have to be sick, and you are new to blogging and homeschooling, there is no better time to be sick!  I had so much fun visiting everyone's blogs and learning about them and their lives and their families and their homeschooling :)  I learned a lot and can't wait to read more!

I am one of those moms that LOVES being with her children.  I know other moms that think I am crazy, they can't wait for their kids to go back to school!  Although I know that those moms love their children, I feel kind of bad for those moms and kids, because they aren't experiencing all of the fun of being together.  And childhood is fleeting.  Normally around this time of the summer, I am dreading the countdown back to school and feeling the pressure of just "a few more weeks" and trying to cram every day with fun things.  But this year...THIS's like looking forward to the most awesome vacation or the best Christmas or it's like HAVING A NEW BABY!!!  This year, I know that my girls and I will be able to spend EVERY MINUTE TOGETHER that we want to spend together!  This year, school won't intrude!

I remember the summer before A began first grade, I cried myself to sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT because I was so upset that we would no longer have lunch together.  Some spring left my step that some, some joie de vivre vanished...and it's all coming back!!!  The summer before P started kindergarten, I learned that our town was implementing a full day kindergarten program and I, again, cried myself to sleep every night.  I lost an important part of myself...and now I am finding it!  My girls and I get to be together every day!  All day!

I know that some day my girls will leave the nest and go out on their own and make their way in the world.  And I have no doubt that they will do this gracefully and be good at it.  But for now, I am happy that things worked out the way that they have.  I am almost glad that the current educational trend is teaching to the test and extreme emphasis on a standardized test that no child is expected to get a perfect score on, a test that shows the kids what they don't know more than what they do know....because it means that we get this time together!!

I am excited about all of the curriculum we are buying!
I am excited about our upcoming trip to the Nature Center to learn about Native American tribes in our area!
I am excited about our upcoming trip to the aquarium!
I am excited about our upcoming trip to meet up with some homeschoolers in Manhattan!
I am excited about our tickets to see Chinese acrobats!
I am excited to create a learning area with and for my girls!
I am get to do all of these things WITH my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!