Monday, August 2, 2010

Mad Libs

We are de-schooling this summer.

But that doesn't mean that the learning stops.  A has become very interested in buildings.  She came to work with me the other evening when I had Storytime, presumably so she could help me and read some books to the younger children.  She ended up finding a new book we had on buildings and this has lead to other books on skyscrapers and buildings and architecture; and computer searches on what the tallest buildings are and the creation of graphs and timelines.  This was all on her own.  No prodding, no assistance.  This is why I think unschooling is mindblowingly insightful, inspired and interesting.  I think we  need a curriculum to lay the foundations in math and Language Arts, but I think unschooling history and science may be just fine for now.

P just practices cartwheels.  Everywhere.  In the library.  In the supermarket.  In the shoe section at Kohl's.  At the Swim Club.  In the yard.  Anywhere there is open space, the girl cartwheels.  She is up to four in a row when she has enough space.

But my real point for writing this is Mad Libs.  Although we are not doing any formal lessons this summer, we are playing Mad Libs, which our whole family thinks is great fun and hysterically funny.  What they may not realize is that they are learning the parts of speech.  Adjective, Adverb, Noun, Plural Noun, Possessive Noun, Proper Noun, Pronoun.  They no longer need to ask me what that means.  They no longer questions whether or not they really know what it is.  They just answer, excited with the anticipation of hearing the final story.