Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharing Our Vacation with The Ones We Love Most

We enjoyed our trip to Williamsburg so much.  For me, it was a dream come true to see the buildings, some of them original :)  For the girls, they enjoyed trying their hands at Colonial arts & crafts, dance and work.  Jason enjoyed the gardens and is still talking about the Compton Oak tree that holds a record as the largest and the Live Oaks, which we don't have where we live.  He is kicking himself that he didn't research it more while there, because he DID research it when we got home and there were some trees on William & Mary campus that he would have liked to see!

We are all fantasizing about selling our house and living in Williamsburg.  We dream together, as a family, of growing our own gardens and living as people did back in the 18th century.

We normally host Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Day dinner each year and my parents, aunt, uncle, and grandmother come; my brother, sister-in-law and niece come every other year; we invite Jason's stepfather and brother, but they seldom come.

We bought this "Holiday Fare" Cookbook.  We plan to make the brined turkey or beef tenderloin, the Christmas Corn pudding, perhaps the romaine with brown butter; the syllabub. Maybe we will serve the pumpkin pudding or carrot pudding with the meal as they would have then, serving spiced nuts, candied ginger and jellies for dessert.  We will have fun selecting our menu from this book.

Both of my girls are interested in cooking.  They often help in the kitchen and we have several kids' cookbooks that they pick recipes from and prepare with supervision.  We have not found any local group cooking classes, so we are going to create our own.  They are eager to be part of the planning of our holiday feasts!

We had joked around about buying costumes and really acting out the role.  But that was more humor.  We are considering only using candles (no lights) for dinner and decorating the house using some of the Williamsburg Holiday decorating books that we have not purchased, but I checked and I can get them through our wonderful library consortium!

We can't wait!  Bring on the fall!  Bring on the holidays!