Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yard & Entryway

I just realized that the 4 Moms House Tour Blog Hop is for larger than average families and I am hoping that they don't kick me off because I have an average sized family, because I am having fun posting and reading about how they manage with large families!  Seriously, their homes are neater than mine and I only have 4 people living here.  Sigh!  It's probably because I spend too much time blogging :(  That will more than likely change once we start school.

Yard & Entryway:
I found these blog hops last night, got excited, cleaned up my house, took pictures and then was too tired to write the posts :(  So, that is why you are seeing evening pics :)

Because I am having fun (and it really isn't warm enough to go to the Swim Club and my kids don't want to go anyway and hubby told me to relax), I went back out and took more pics in the daylight:
So now you have the night & day view of our home :-)
This little guy sits by our front door:
And this was given to us by a dear, dear friend:

This is our front door.  The door guests usually use.

This is opposite our front door :)  If you were to enter through that door, this is what you would see :)  There would also be a coat closet on your right, but that is kind of boring, so I didn't bother with a photo.

We also have this door off of our driveway, that we use to enter our home.
It is a little confusing for people.  You can actually use either door.
I forgot to take a photo last night, but as my grandpa always said, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right!"  So, I went out there and got some photos :) I am having FUN!!

This is the view from the inside.  We are members of a tennis and swim club and keep all of the towels and rackets and things handy in the basket by the door.  In fall, our fall coats will be hung there; the basket may include some things we need for fall.  In winter, winter jackets are hung on the hooks and the basket contains mittens, gloves, hats and scarves :)  In spring, light coats are hung here and the basket holds spring sports items.

you can see the girls sidewalk chalk right by the door.

We don't keep our dog in this room, but he LOVES the windows :)

Right now, the hooks hold dog leashes and sun hats :)

And this is where hubby takes off his shoes at the end of the day :)
That bench was in my maternal grandparents' bedroom and I painted and recovered it :)