Sunday, August 22, 2010

Washington, D.C.

We are having such a great vacation!  God is just totally guiding us and I have learned that if I just let Him be in charge, rather than trying to control every minute...things go much smoother.

We left on Saturday, August 14 VERY early in the morning and got to Washington, D.C. before 7am!  There was NO ONE around except us and the Secret Service!!  P was absolutely thrilled and in awe of the White House...I think it was even more special since we didn't have to beat the crowds and basically felt like it was our little spot :-)  Isn't that how we, as Americans, are supposed to feel?  The thing that always strikes me about the White House is how totally unimposing it is.

When we get back from vacation, I hope to learn Photoshop to make some of these a little better :) (remove the crane)

The First Lady's garden that she planted with local kids :)  You may have seen it on the news.

After getting our fill at the White House, we ventured to the Washington Monument:

The Jefferson Monument

The Korean War Memorial, World War II Memorial

"Here We Mark the Price of Freedom"

The Lincoln Monument

The Vietnam War Memorial

It was a great day :)

We are planning another trip back so we can see more of the awesome museums in D.C.  Though I suspect it will take DAYS and DAYS to get through all of the Smithsonian.  And we will have to wait until the girls are older to go to the Holocaust Museum.