Sunday, August 8, 2010

We're NOT Gonna Take It

I had a cold last week.  I was drained and irritable and tired.  I started wondering how I would ever have the energy to home school.  I was reading blogs about special projects and workboxes and tracking and portfolios and I was feeling very overwhelmed and second guessing our decision.  But, on Friday, I was feeling much better and I woke up before the girls and was ready to go when they got up.  We continued our Unit Study on Colonial Williamsburg and A began a Mythology notebook to go with her reading of the Percy Jackson series.  P worked on her handwriting. We all pitched in to clean the house and then we spent the afternoon practicing tennis and swimming at the Swim Club :)

Then A's school called to say that they received my letter but that I need to come in and fill out some paperwork and officially sign her out.  I know that by sending a certified letter to the Superintendent, I am in complete compliance of our state regulations.  And I am on the fence.  I hate drama so I don't want to fight it, but I also hate how our school system thinks they can do whatever they want with disregard for state laws.

Last night, Jason and I were sipping gin & tonics on the deck and grilling tuna steaks and talking about school system and how I dread going there.  Then this song came on Jason's ipod.  I joked that I would dress up like Dee Snyder to go sign the girls out of school.  Jason said I should jump up on the counter and get in their face.  The image amused us so much...we came up with a lot of funny scenarios.

I may just leave a copy of the lyrics behind ;-)