Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chalkboard Paint!

Welcome to my new obsession!!

We are getting ready to start our first year of homeschooling!
 I think we will start next week.
We have been prepping our learning area...
We painted the bathroom and closet doors with chalkboard paint...and MY OH MY what a wonderful invention!! (Now I am trying to figure out other places in the house I can use this stuff!)

I had some help :)

A was busy writing a story about Greek Mythology
(her latest obsession)
and I felt that was a worthwhile use of time, so we didn't make her help :)

When P was done helping, she folded up her smock and left it on the ottoman, this made me feel as though I had really accomplished something as a mother :)

Here are our finished products :)
don't mind that the trim is not finished around the doors.  we finished our basement (oh two years ago!) and still have not gotten around to the trim...but the walls, carpet, doors, ceiling, lighting, electrical, sound system, and furniture are all in place...someday we will get to the trim :)

After three days, you have to prime them by rubbing the side of the chalk all over them.

My girls left me a message:)

This is what they might look like when we get rolling with our year :)