Friday, September 3, 2010

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

We are spending the last few lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer making sure we get enough pool time in:

Making sure we get lots of time with friends, old & new:

being VERY silly:

I had taken on the project of converting all of our VHS to DVD at the beginning of the summer and with all of the research and deliberating on homeschooling, meeting homeschoolers and setting up a classroom, I did not have much time for that!  So....

I have set about that project, which has been great!  And I will blog about that experience in another post soon!

Today we have our first Friday homeschool park day and I am thrilled because the park that was selected as our meeting place is within walking distance to our home!  We will only be able to spend an hour or so at the park, because then we have a "Not Back to School" Pool Party with some other homeschool friends :-)  Because you know how UNSOCIALIZED homeschoolers socialization at all whatsoever! hahaha!

Then, we are headed to the lake to meet Miss Molly and have a few days of fun with family and friends before beginning our first year of homeschooling!

Life is GOOD!

I Hope You
Have a Great, SAFE
Labor Day Weekend!