Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glad We Have THIS Dad!

Today is the perfect day for this blog hop!  We are so proud of our dad/husband!  He is involved with a huge project and has spent the last few days being interviewed by various news sources.  One interview will air on  CBS Philly Channel 3 at 6pm tonight and the other will be part of ABC New York Channel 7 coverage of September 11.

Here we are, all anxiously waiting for him to appear on the news!!

How does he fit into our homeschooling? Jason  was on board with homeschooling since before I was!  His parents were hippies, so he definitely appreciates being open, doing things differently, listening to yourself and your needs.  When he was a teenager, he worked with two brothers that were homeschooled and they were two of the smartest, most respectful, kindest people he has known.  He also had friends who taught in a variety of private schools and has always favored a different approach to education than that of a public school.

Jason has read "Nurtureshock" by Po Bronson and is now reading "Tools of the Mind".  Last night, he pored through a "Science at Home" catalog and formulated an extensive Wish List.  Although I like science, he loves science and has a great way of explaining things so that people can understand complex scientific data.  He will be handling most of our science curriculum.

The girls have decided that he should be the Principal of our school.  As we have not yet officially started,we are not sure what this will mean.  Right now, we discuss theories and curricula and our children and our goals for them.  One of Jason's biggest things currently with the girls is having them set goals, daily, weekly and long term goals.

We have several - many, plenty, a lot, maybe too many - field trips planned.  Jason is very excited about many of them and will use some of his personal days to accompany us.

Jason is a huge believer that we never stop learning and he is very actively engaged in self improvement.  Last year he took several photography classes.  This year he looks forward to starting another photography class, as well as studying for several certifications in his industry and continuing with his yoga practice.  He volunteers on several town and church commissions.