Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making a Blog Button for Blogger

Yippee!  I am so excited!  I just made my first BLOG BUTTON!  And it was so much fun...I think I will end up making more!!

1.  First, I went to Fotoflexer.  If you have Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator, you can use that.  But I don't have either, so I use (& love) Fotoflexer.  Upload your photo.  Blog buttons are usually 150 x 150 and if you crop in Fotoflexer, you will be able to see the dimensions.  If you don't crop, you can select re-size, also on the upper right in the tool bar.

2. Next you will want to add text.  Click Decorate in the toolbar and Text.  A Text box will pop up and you can choose fonts and colors, transparent background, font sizes, etc.  If you are new to this, I find writing each line in it's own text box to be the way to go!

3.  When you are happy with it, save it to your computer.

4.  I use Photobucket, so I then uploaded my picture to Photobucket. Once it is uploaded, click on the photo, Photobucket will give you ways of sharing your photo: Email, Direct Link, HTML.  For the purposes of making a blog button, you want the Direct Link.

I then went to Oikology and followed directions for steps 3 through 5...and it worked...and I am VERY excited...oh, the possibilities!

It's a Blog Party