Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Kitchen

I am hooking up with Kelly's Korner  for "Show Us Your Life".  I wrote this post a while ago, but I love the idea of this blog hop, so decided to link up!

I love my kitchen!  The kitchen and the eating area are actually separated and when we bought the house 7 years ago, we thought we would knock the wall down and expand the kitchen.  We toyed with layouts, but after cooking in the kitchen for a while we realized we loved it just the way it is.  Everything is close at hand, easy to reach.  We have more than enough storage space.  Two can cook comfortably.  More gets out of hand, but you know what they say about more cooks in the kitchen or hands in the soup...

I think our kitchen is charming!

After various curtains and shades that just never were quite right, I made this:

I bought a picture frame in Kohl's that fit almost perfectly in the window.  I took out the backing, but kept the glass and tightened the little hook things in back to hold the glass in place without the backing.  Then I used a stained glass window paint kit from Michaels :)

I also stenciled this border:

It was a multi-layered stencil.  Fun, but tedious.

We want to make this for breakfast in the morning :-)

I LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer!!

I LOVE these shelves!  
Originally, I believe the refrigerator was probably pushed to a side and there was room for a table in this space.  But the previous owners had this large fridge and we kept it where it was, but the space on either side was wasted...so we painted these wood shelves.
They are great to display our cookbook collection, our pottery collection, our "bar"!

I keep tablecloths and placemats in those baskets at the bottom.  Very handy.
The door to the right in this photo leads to our eating area.  
Taking out the door and making it an open space is on our list of projects.  But I also want to replace the floor when we do that, as the floors in the two areas don't match and I would want them to if there was no separation.
We still have the Colonial barometer we made on the table :-)
The door to the left in this picture is our pantry. (See below)
Shelf over the table, holds our seashell collection.  And that candle lantern that I LOVE!
This wall is opposite our kitchen table :-)
Just beyond the table is the door to our deck :-)