Thursday, September 30, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

I got my first blogging award and I am sooooooooo excited!!  

Yesterday was a tough day.  When we started homeschooling, I decided that we would have the girls get into bed around 9pm, but allow them to stay up and read as late as they wanted.  A started reading "The Wayside School" series by Louis Sachar the other day and has been reading a book a day...which I am THRILLED about...except that she stays up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late!  Yesterday morning, I woke her up at 9:30am because her sister and I had done all of our morning chores and were ready to start school!  A wasn't crazy about being woken up and whined and moaned and groaned through her breakfast and the beginning of lessons.  She kept pretending to fall asleep.  She was really irritating me.

We made it through Spelling and Vocabulary.  I started working on putting together a timeline to be hung on the wall and added to as we learn new things.  A woke up for "Life of Fred" because she LOVES LoF more than anything!  Both girls were enthusiastic to start our study and lapbooks on our state.  But then P had had it by the time we got to Writing and we ended early because I didn't have it in me to fight anymore.  Plus, P needed to clean her room.  Plus, I had to be at work at 5pm.

I was completely exhausted when I got home from work last night.  Jason and I had discussed and he had implemented a new bedtime routine (in bed by 8:30, lights out at 9:30), but Mommy coming home from work is a reason to get up and talk and chat and forget that it's bedtime.  I gently reminded them to go back to bed and they did.  I hopped on here and was THRILLED to discover that I had gotten A Versatile Blogger Award from Rebecca at Mom's Mustard Seeds!!!!  It was just the thing I needed to brighten up an otherwise kind of difficult day and put me right back on that positive wave!  If you have not yet checked out Rebecca's blog, I highly recommend it.  Rebecca is a great writer who has recently found her focus and is so inspirational and her passion for her faith, family and focus comes out in her posts!  I love reading her blog and get so many great ideas from her!

Already today is shaping up to be a pretty great day!  Jason bought us a white board and hung it up for us last night when I was at work--I didn't see it until this morning!  Jason got REALLY great, exciting news at work AND he's getting an ipad from work!!!  Jason needs a haircut, so he suggested that tonight we go to Baja Fresh for dinner so that I don't have to cook when I get out of work and then the girls and I will go to the craft store for their Friends & Family Appreciation (I guess we spend so much money there they think we are family!) while he gets his haircut down the street!  Right now, the girls are quietly working through sentences, adding adjectives and details.

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award the rules are: 

  • Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass it along to 15 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
  • Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award

7 Things About Me:

1. I have always loved to write.  I started blogging originally to exercise "the writing muscle" and found that I LOVE blogging!  I love writing about our life, the ups and downs, the highs and lows and I love getting feedback and making bloggy friends!  I have learned so much from this blogging community!

2.  I eat salad every single day for lunch with hot peppers and chick peas and cheese and a variety of other vegetables.

3.  I love Christmas and am already shopping and planning and getting very excited for Christmas!

4.  I want to grow my hair and it is in that awful in-between phase!

5.  Reading and writing are two of my favorite things to do!

6.  I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father and how He leads and guides me.

7.  I love to decorate and nest and make a cozy home for my family.

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