Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn Splendor

I love the seasons.  I feel so blessed to live in the Northeast where each season is very pronounced: hot, sticky summers give way to crisp, vibrant fall and then peaceful, snowy winters and beautiful blooming springs!

I like to make a big deal about everything each season.  I like to spend as much time as possible reveling in the wonders of the season, so when I saw this blog hop, I knew I had to join!!

This year, I really enjoyed making over my blog in fall colors.  I even made the blog header myself--first time I ever did something like that and it was fun!

We decorate our home for the fall:

We go on leaf walks through our neighborhood:

Perhaps one of my favorite things is cooking with the flavors of fall: sage, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, brown are some links to some of our favorite fall recipes:
P and I made pumpkin bread yesterday and then ate it with some wonderful cinnamon creamed honey that my parents got from a neighbor who keeps bees.

I also love to curl up with a book while delicious things bake in my oven and the wind howls outside: