Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Cool Is This? SPROUTS!!!

Homeschooling moms are awesome, interesting, cool women.

My neighbor, who also homeschools and who is becoming a terrific friend, turned me on to sprouting!!

I eat salad every single day for lunch.  

I <3 it!

Jason loves sprouts on his sandwiches.

R, our homeschooling neighbor, told me how easy and cool and fun sprouting is.

So, I placed an order with another mom from co-op who owns a small health food business.

I bought a sprouting jar.

And packs of sprouting seeds.

Soaked the seeds for a few hours.

Threw a handful in the jar.

Rinsed them the next morning.

And that afternoon...

And then the following day...


Yummy, delicious, healthy...

Who knew they were this easy to grow???