Monday, November 29, 2010

Friends Encourage Friends BLOG HOP

My friend Janet at Cyber Rhetoric blog has honored me with kind words about how she enjoys my blog and how I connect with my audience because of my vulnerable writing style.  Janet has no idea how much this means to me.

I've had blogs over the years and they were never very focused and I always felt like they wandered off in too many directions.  Over the last few years, I reconnected with many high school friends via facebook.  Dr. Janet Johnson, the writer of the Cyber Rhetoric blog was one such friend.  I enjoyed the glimpses into Janet's life and world and circle of friends.  Janet is a Professor at University of Texas-Dallas and she teaches a class where her students are required to blog.

I asked her for some lessons, some ideas, to point me in the right direction. I asked her how important focus and streamlining were.  I asked her about finding readers.  I started a blog and shared it only with her for the first few months!  She was kind and generous with her feedback.  So, to hear now that THIS blog encourages HER to blog is quite an honor!

There are many, many blogs that inspire me.

Janet's blog Cyber Rhetoric Blog inspires me, because we think a like.  Janet's blog chronicles her growth, her development as a PhD candidate writing her dissertation to her role in shaping college students in Texas.  Most importantly, what I love about Janet's blog is that since she lives in Texas and I live 1500 miles away in New Jersey, I am able to get a glimpse into her thoughts and life.  Then, often, I email or skype or chat with her, asking questions, getting more information.  As a homeschool mom of two, it is sooooooo nice and I appreciate so much being able to live vicariously through an intellectual career woman like Janet, who shares her love of cooking, family, decorating and travel through her blog.  Had I not met my husband, my goal was to go to grad school, become a professor and study subcultures, so to read about Janet's life let's me experience the other side of my personality so to speak.

Another blog that inspires me is Teachable Moments.  Jessica found my blog early on, when I thought no one was reading.  She had just pulled her daughter out of school and was beginning homeschooling.  I learned so much from her posts.  I found other blogs to read through her posts.  I found readers through her posts.  I got a bird's eye view into Classical education through her blog.  And now, as she and her daughters grow in their homeschooling experience, I am inspired by how she is letting go and becoming almost an unschooler!  Jessica doesn't live far from me at all, and we have been fortunate enough to hang out and are now making plans for our families to get together again soon!

It's so hard to pick, there are so many great blogs out there, so many blogs that I enjoy reading and friendships that I am enjoying developing.  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I think because I have a personal connection with both Janet and Jessica, their blogs are two that I find most encouraging.  Also, they almost always leave comments, which I find really encouraging to keep me blogging!

What blogs inspire you??  Hop on over to Cyber Rhetoric Blog and link up with a post about which blogs inspire you!