Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for the Choice We Made

We had been unhappy with the public school for over two years when we made the decision to homeschool.  One of the options we had considered was the Catholic school in town.

It was announced several weeks ago that the Catholic school in our town will be closing after this year.  Three other area parochial schools will also be closing, leaving only one Catholic school for a 30 mile radius.  There were efforts made by the parents and school officials to "save the schools", but it was to no avail, the schools will end their run this June.  My heart goes out to the families who felt safe there and wanted their children to be educated there and who went to extraordinary measures to attempt to save these schools.
this is the beautiful Catholic school in our town

It makes me sad that so much is lost.  I attended Catholic school, in a building almost identical to the one in our town, the one in the above photo.  I had happy memories there of a more simple time, more simple values, integrity.  I felt safe there.

Today I am really thankful that we made the choice that we made, to educate our girls at home.  It would have been devastating to have made the decision to send the girls to Catholic school, only to find out a few months in to the year that the school would be closing.