Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time to Think...

I injured my rotator cuff.  It's actually an old injury.  I will spare you the story of myself, a mother of two girls boogie boarding with a pack of pre-teen and early teen boys at the Jersey shore; feeling pride when the boys exclaim, "Hey, that's a lady up there!"  Yup, that would be me at the front of the pack, catching the big waves...and falling off my board and getting all mixed up in the surf and having my rotator cuff torn.  I learned another important lesson that day...the reason thirtsomething moms don't boogie board with 13 year old boys is not because they are too mature, but because their bodies - despite hours of yoga and pilates - are just not made for that kind of rough and tumble surf.  Well, I sort of learned that lesson...because soon after that day, we headed up to my parents lakehouse and I went water-tubing and further ripped the muscle.

That was about 5 years ago and now and then, I do something stupid and I pay for it.  This time, I was pulling a library cart loaded with books out of a tight area and I jerked my arm the wrong way...and now I am in pain.

But my wonderful husband is making me delicious meals and bringing me ice packs and peach tea and taking care of everything that I normally take care of because he is awesome.

And I am laying in bed, resting my arm and browsing blogs.  I have found so many great things.  Madeline over at Barefoot Childhood always posts Weekend Loves, which I always adore.  Check out her link to the Pottery Barn knock-off pillow...I am completely inspired.  As the holidays approach, I am in complete nest mode.  I am so itching to finish the needlepoint pillow I started 5 years ago and had been re-inspired through blogs to finish...but, alas, my poor Infra Spinatus can not move that way without pain.

Andrea at Saying Yes to 2 Boys also had some wonderful links today.  One that really made me think was Organic Sister.  Tara and Justin and Zeb are traveling the country in their Winnebago, I completely admire their freedom and excitement at experiencing whatever life brings to their path.  It was a very interesting read.  The post that I probably found resonated the most was about why Tara blogs.  I am relatively new to blogging, but I completely relate to needing to write in order to make sense of the world.  I need to actually see it in black and white to make sense of it, to compute and digest it and make it seem real and tangible and understandable.  I love words, I love getting my feelings out through words.    I actually have blog posts that I have written, but never published just so that I could make sense of a moment.  I have to give some thought to whether I want to publish them or start a separate journal.  There is something about sharing it all, too.  

This blog didn't start out as a homeschooling blog.  It started out as a writing exercise.  Jason had a blog and we had the idea to start a blog about the life of an average middle class family at this point in history (the economy is sketchy, politics are turbulent, media is rampant...why not use social media to tell the story of how one family is dealing with all of this...dealing with life right now?)  We had been considering homeschooling and I continued to peruse homeschooling blogs.  I can definitely say that reading those blogs and becoming more immersed in the blogging world gave me the courage to meet some local homeschoolers...and then from there to decide to homeschool.  Since we made the decision, however, it seems that our blog has turned into my blog and my blog has turned into a homeschooling blog, but I really want it to be about all of the things that I am interested in; I want it to be about our life at this moment.  I want it to be about the pillow I am working on, decorating our home, holiday traditions, our thoughts and feelings...our growth, our ideas.  I want my blog to be a place where I can make sense of the world through sharing my thoughts and getting feedback from others.

If you are a blogger, do you also have a journal?  Or do you use your blog as your journal?