Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...And Checking It Twice!

I finished touching up the trim.
The girls got their math done.
And their handwriting.
We will cuddle together and read "Little Women" tonight
I think some cuddling is in order around here.

After we brought the girls to choir practice, Jason and I went to Lowe's 
to pick up some odds and ends to 
finish up some other 
little projects,
cover some minor cosmetic flaws,
spruce up the house a bit.

When we got home, my awesome husband went
right to work getting some of those little projects done
and planning to do some more during the evenings this week.

The girls came home from choir energized &
with stories to tell.
After choir, they spent time with some school friends at "Youth Night" at our church.
They ate tater-tots and played video games
and watched an old episode of "Glee".

They have both been practicing recorder non-stop since they got home;
they even found some youtube videos to teach them 
new recorder songs.

We had gingerbread waffles for dinner.
and we ate them with sour cream 
& boysenberry syrup!

Glee is on!
I have a big mug of Peach tea!
Parenthood is on later!
I have a crocheting project on my lap!

Life is Good.

I still have a cold.
But we are moving out of this funk
that has been pervading our house 
the last few days.