Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FREE Christmas Blog Buttons

I LOVE Christmas.
It truly is the most wonderful time of year.
A time of joy and peace.
A time for family and friends.
A time of love.

This last year has been so amazing for me.
I FINALLY got the courage to homeschool my girls--
something we had wanted to do for 2 years!
I was able to show our family & friends what homeschooling REALLY was
through this blog.
(See, my kids are not unsocialized.)
And, I have had the opportunity to "meet" many wonderful people
through this blog.
I appreciate all of your friendship,
your support,
your encouragement,
your advice,
your candor about your experiences.

My Christmas gift to all of you, dear readers and followers,
are these blog buttons.
Grab the code.
Put them in your posts.
Decorate your sidebars with them.
Use them however you want!

Merry Christmas!

Images courtesy of
vector clipart, webweaver, printable 2011 and clipartpal .
Thank you for making this Christmas special!