Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soap Making

I love homemade gifts. 
 The girls are making gifts for family and friends.  
We wanted to find things that were useful and practical. 
 Last weekend, we made soap.

After perusing several soap making guides and websites, we just bought a kit at the craft store. 
 There are a ton of options and possibilities and things to consider when making soap.
  Buying a kit that contained all of the glycerin needed for our gifts, plus several fragrances, several mineral colorants, loofah and crushed apricot seeds, as well as beautiful molds fit the bill!

It was a blast!

And super easy!

But you have to work super fast!
Once the glycerin is melted you only have so much time to mix in the colorant and fragrance before it begins to harden.

Bars of clear and white glycerin, a manly sandalwood fragrance and a feminine botanical fragrance, crushed loofah and crushed apricot seeds.

Adding some crushed loofah for exfoliation.

You melt the glycerin in the microwave.  No more than 30 seconds or it bubbles over and makes a mess.  I learned the hard way.  

~*~Neither Michaels nor the SoapMaking Kit Co. sponsored or endorsed this post.
I did not gain any material benefit from writing it.
Though, if either company wanted to supply us with a craft or kit to try and to write a post on, we would
absolutely LOVE it.~*~