Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!

We had some friends over,
and since I am hesitant to post photos of people without their permission,
and I feel a little funny asking for their permission when they don't blog themselves...
here are some photos of ...
the food...

we tried truffled pate (I was not a fan)
however, I LOVE caviar!

My husband is a bit of a beer snob, as are our friends,
so it works out great :)
Jason managed to hunt down this special Sam Adams Infinium
which is a beer-champagne.

2010 was a really good year for us.
We got the courage to homeschool.
It's been the best decision we've made -- 
well, aside from getting married & having our girls!

Jason was on the news.
The teaser for the documentary for the project Jason is working on was released
and it blew us away!

I started this blog
which has been an incredible experience
and a wonderful outlet
and really helped me to channel my

Everyone has been healthy.
We've found the strength to make some changes in our lives
that have lead to greater emotional & spiritual health.

I find myself wondering if it can even get better than this?
Can life be even better?

I spent a good bit of time sorry to see 2010 go.
I am probably totally alone in that. haha!
This post at Between You + Me really helped me make sense of my feelings.

I believe in positive energy, 
Now I am getting excited for all of the possibilities
& all of our plans
& dreams for the year.

To start off, I am super duper excited to take on a photo project with my high school friend, Janet.
Janet writes the Cyber Rhetoric Blog and will be a guest blogger on my blog later this week :)
Janet and I are both interested in photography...
though we are amateurs.
We are challenging ourselves this year
to take one photo a day
and post it.
I am using Tumblr.
There is a link in my sidebar for it.
Janet is currently posting on her blog.
One photo a day is not sooo overwhelming...
it's just enough to let us work on our craft.

Our month of January is looking
which I am beyond excited about.
Choir takes a break.
My work schedule has been reduced.
Co-op doesn't meet until January 24.
We head back to our classroom Monday.
With a list of goals for the next three months,
not lesson plans.
Hopefully this will allow for more freedom to get carried away,
swept away,
lost in learning...
hopefully connections will be made and things will click!
I have lists of ideas!
I can not wait to get started!
We will be doing...
Book reviews, or
Paragraphs on what movie the girls think the main character in their book would like and why
or what would the character's favorite song be
or how would they act if...

I've spent the last month reading about Great Artists
and learning techniques to bring their art to life
and to help the girls understand various techniques, methods.

I've read several books by Ralph Fletcher.
I am excited to start our
Writer's Journals.

Here's to 2011!
May it be the best year yet!

I wish you and your families joy and health and happiness and prosperity this year!