Monday, January 24, 2011

I {Love} My Family

We had a busy, hectic, wonderful fun filled weekend with friends and family. 
 Jason was asked to talk to the youth group at our church about his work.  
A and P had time with friends.  
Jason and I spent time with friends.  
We celebrated my dad's birthday.  

It was just enough.

I get crazy when we have to drop the girls off, pick them up two hours later, drop them off, pick them up two hours later...I feel like I can't get anything done.
 But this weekend was not like that.

It was fun.

It was relaxing.

It was filled with great friends and family and conversation.

My parents are such amazing people.  

I really lucked out ;-)

In warm weather, my dad loves to fish, hence the lakehouse.

In cold weather, he drives my mom crazy watching reality television needs a hobby.

P has been SO into her American Girl dolls and creating homes and furniture for them.

My dad made some beautiful furniture for P and her dolls

My brother and sister-in-law and niece were there.

We all get along so well.

We talk about movies and books and politics,
photography and work and cooking.

We actually have a lot in common.

And the girls all ADORE each other.

It felt good to see them and hang out.

We've had our differences over the years,
sometimes things build up over years and they get let out on a burst of emotion,
but in my family we just keep working at it,
we don't stop talking to each other.

We keep working at it and we work through the differences of opinion and the hurt feelings
until we can get to a place where we can all accept our differences.

My mom has been cleaning out the attic.

She found this old doll of mine
that I LOVED very much.
I used to call her Annie.
She has a string in back that you pull
and she Snuggles with you.

My mom also found this:

It had $.52 inside.

I was seven.

My brother was five.

We still got a huge kick out of it!

My mother also gave us folders
stuffed with our high school papers.

My brother is now a high school English teacher.

It was hilarious to reminisce!

We are so, so, so BLESSED to have this family.