Monday, January 10, 2011

Non-Newtonian Fluid aka GOOP!

When I taught pre-school,
 whenever I needed some filler activity, 
we grabbed some corn starch and water 
and made what we called "goop".

Apparently now it is called non-Newtonian fluid and it is ALL OVER Youtube.

Quite frankly, it is the coolest stuff.  
And if you have never done this, 
or even if you have, it's so cool that well, 
Jason makes it often and we all enjoy it.  
Jason made some on Saturday, 
and had a discussion with the girls about Newton
 and the properties of liquids and solids.  


5 tbsp. corn starch
1/8 cup of water (you can add a little food coloring if desired)

*after playing with it for a while, you can add more water if needed.

What is so cool about this? 
 It's a solid and a liquid. 

 In the bowl, it's solid, you can't penetrate it.  

But if you dig your fingers in and pick it becomes a goopy liquid.  

Try making a ball out of it...go ahead...try...because you can...

and then as soon as you stop rolling...GOOPY!

We saw this on youtube...

So we decided to see if we could get it to move on our subwoofer...

When it didn't work in the bowl, we tried it on some waxed paper

when that didn't work, we held the waxed paper over the front of the subwoofer

The force of the soundwaves moved the paper around which moved the "goop" or "non-Newtonian fluid" around.

Pretty cool stuff.

Then we tried it on the air compressor.
Also cool.

This is a youtube video
of people running on non-Newtonian fluid
and then some deciding to dive in...