Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowed In

I heard on the radio today that our state has had more snow this year than we have in 62 Years!

We have had, on average, more than a foot of snow each week since Christmas.

The schools are already out of snow days and taking back spring break or planning to extend the year...

The library, where I work part time, has been closed 5 days due to weather since Christmas.

Jason has missed some work too -- he is out of vacation days until his anniversary with the company in mid-February!

State of Emergency is the norm around here.

We were all getting cabin fever, but we started doing little projects around here.

We've been doing science experiments.
Draw it on with a base

"Erase" it with an acid :)

We've been baking up a storm.

And cooking a lot too :)

The girls have created a house for their American Girl dolls in P's room

This is their "vanity" complete with a ramekin sink with bendaroo faucet :)

My dad has been busy making more American Girl doll furniture:
The girls had sewn the quilt squares at their Sewing with Mama lessons in the fall :)

During a break in storms, my parents came by the other night (they live about 15 minutes away) for dinner and some Wii :)

P has also been hard at work designing a house for her American Girl dolls in her bedroom, watching youtube videos of other girls' American Girl room and house tours and posting her own AG house tour to youtube:

Of course, there has also been all of the sledding and snowman building that you can imagine, as well!  
Another huge whopper of a storm is expected this coming we will be enjoying more snow days!