Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cousins Sleepover

Several years ago,
Jason and I escaped to
Sandals Negril 
to celebrate our 
tenth anniversary.

It was a tough week for the girls
who stayed with my parents,
whom they adore.
But having us so far away...
they cried every day
in school,
at home,
throughout breakfast,
during dinner,
they cried themselves to sleep.

Even though we did not know about the crying,
it was a tough week on Jason and & I.
Although we had fun, 
we missed the girls terribly.
We dreamed about snuggling with them.

The night we got back,
we brought them in bed with us,
and all snuggled together.
(we hardly slept because we kept gazing at them!)

We talk about going back to
just the two of us...
but when the girls are older.

We have talked about heading to 
Kripalu in the Berkshires
for a weekend of yoga
& meditation,
freaks out at the thought.

We know that one day
she will be happy to see us go...
so, until that day...
we will be happy with 
overnights at Mama's...

Last week,
my mom asked if
the girls would like to spend the weekend
at her house.
She also watched my niece,
so they had a
Cousins Sleepover with my parents.

Jason & I
had a lovely weekend.
Much needed after being house bound
due to snow.

We went out for a lovely dinner
at the kind of 
that does not have 
chicken tenders
on the menu.

We checked out 
a micro brewery,
something else you can not
do with children.

We saw a movie
that was not G or PG rated.

We had a lovely, lovely time.
We talked.
We laughed.
We enjoyed being together.
Sometimes you need that..
to remember why you got married 
in the first place.

Thanks, Mom & Dad!