Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Freeze

This is what it looked like today where we live:

Everything was shut down once again around here.

Both my work and Jason's work were closed, along with stores and schools.

We lost power for over ten hours.

Nothing makes you appreciate heat, electricity and water (we have an electric well pump) more than losing it.  You also realize how dependent we are on these things.

We spent a lot of time today thinking about people who are less fortunate.  People who don't have these luxuries.

Tonight we pray for the people who are still without power.

Fortunately we had lots of beautiful bright sunlight and we spent our day reading.  We still did school (no one complained...and I admit, I considered taking the day off but I am so paranoid about the girls getting behind their public school peers--I really need to work on this thinking!!).  We didn't do math because both girls utilize our laptops for that and we were unsure how much power we had in the batteries.  But we did Science, Reading, Art and lots and lots of writing.  The girls are really enjoying their writers notebooks and asking if they can use them to write stories in or make lists or write favorite quotes from their books throughout the day. P took hers to bed with her tonight to copy down really funny parts from the Fudge books she is devouring.

I took this photo through our living room window as the ice was starting to melt.  Do you see the leaf formation of the ice?

We began our study of the Greeks today.  Jason dug out his old Labrynth game from when he was a kid:

Despite losing power and not having heat or water, we had a really great day!
Jason kept telling us what an adventure it was,
and it really kind of was.