Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool Valentine Craft Project

I got to work out a lot of my childhood angst.
I've always LOVED
Especially a pointy box of 64.
I would sharpen & sharpen...
and I would always ask my mom if we could do something with the gratings...
but we never had time.

When I found this craft on Martha Stewart.com,
I knew we HAD to make it!

After 11 years of having kids,
we have one of these...
it's a catch all for crayons, markers & colored pencils.

We pulled out all of the reds...

Martha Stewart suggests that you use a pencil sharpener
and that did work very well.
But we found we could do a lot at one time
with this Pampered Chef cheese grater
(When we were done, I just soaked it in hot water and all the waxy buildup vanished...)

I Love the Texture...
Doesn't this photo just scream

Put an old towel or a large rag over your ironing board to protect it,
Then I put a piece of cardboard,
Then you are supposed to put a piece of craft paper, 
but I didn't have any, 
so I ripped a paper bag.
THEN...cut a piece of waxed paper 
(you are going to fold it in half,
but once it is folded 
it must be smaller than the protective layers on your ironing board...
melted crayon is very oooozey).

We found that a little goes a long way...

You need to fold over each of the three sides,
to contain the ooooooooze

Then place another piece of craft paper,
or in my case, paper bag,
over the top
(you don't want to melt the waxed paper or get oooooooze on your iron!)

see how icky the bag got?
maybe craft paper would have been better
Note to self: buy craft paper for future projects.

 We found that it wasn't imperative
to spread the shaving equally
once you place the hot iron over the
and it melts the crayons in the waxed paper...
they oooooooze
(do you think I like to type the word ooooooooze?)

When it is all melted and ooooooozey,
take it off the ironing board
to harden up.
THEN, you can cut out your hearts :)
Or, whatever shape you choose :)

I took a needle and one strand of embroidery floss and threaded it through each heart before 
hanging :)