Monday, March 21, 2011

8 Random Things (the last is important! :)

I love to read a good random post--there is always something to comment on!
I have not written one in a while.

1.  We were back to co-op today and then
tea with my grandmother!
I love how it works out perfectly for us to do both!
I think spending time with my grandmother will be among my girls'
most cherished childhood memories!

2.  Our Friday park days are going wonderful!
The girls are making friends & so am I!
I am learning A TON and networking and it's awesome!

3.  The girls asked to take tennis lessons again this year! Yay!

4.  A is participating in a Homeschool Art Show next Friday--
she's a bit nervous,
I am very excited!!

5.  The hubs has been offered an opportunity to do some 
cutting edge, research type stuff
at Princeton University
(in addition to his regular job, of course--
he will be uber busy this spring!)
it's very exciting for many reasons:
a)because it's Princeton University
b)because he lived in Princeton across
the street from the University when we met & fell in love
c) Princeton is our special place--
LOVE it!

6.  I love, love, LOVE
having a handy husband!!  
Last Sunday night our water heater stopped working.
Turns out it was a simple part & he replaced it lickety split!
This weekend, our well pump stopped working--
turns out it was electrical & he fixed it lickety-split!

7.  I can't believe that P can do this:

8.  I LOVE when I comment on a blog and get an email in reply.
I've decided that I would like to reply via email too :)
Thanks to Suzette at Frat Pack + Me,
I now know how to do this :)
I am enabling the feature on my blog,
but in order for it to work, you need to enable it on your blog or it will go to @noreply.
Here is a post that explains more .