Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Four years ago we bought a Honda Odyssey minivan because it was what we thought we should do.  It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  We had kids.  They had friends.  We had room.  And we used it.  We toted around the friends.  We were able to say, "We have a minivan, hop in!  Let's go!"  We were able to drive friends places, carpool, bring the girls' friends with us to different events and activities, meet friends uptown and drive them downtown...

But, in our heart of hearts, we both admit now that we wanted a hybrid.  We have been talking about buying a hybrid for three years...but the van was so "new"!

Now, with gas at $3.49 and rising....  My girls and I want to join a mother/daughter homeschool knitting group that meets an hour from our house... we are committed to coop and soccer a half hour from home... we are Jersey shore "bennies" and we want to make that 30 mile trip this summer MANY times...Manhattan is 40 miles away and we try to go there at least once a month...Philly is 50 miles away...our family is considering some MAJOR road on Saturday morning, I asked Jason if we could test drive a Prius.

The family was ready when I got out of work Saturday afternoon and off we went to "test drive" a Prius...a few hours later...the hubby bought us a PRIUS!!!!

I am in love!!!  I know many of my real life - and probably my on-line friends - drive big vehicles, but the van felt cumbersome to me.  Maybe it is that I am only 4'11" (shocking to many, I know, but true!) or maybe it is that I like zippy little cars...but I was never comfortable in the van.  And not because it was a mini-van, but because it really felt BIG to me.  It felt long.  I could never judge parking spaces.  Maybe I am just cautious.... I gave it FOUR years....

Jason knew how much I wanted this!!!

I am IN LOVE with our new Prius!!!!!!!!

My husband is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Honey!!!!

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!