Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Road Trip!!!!!

Since we got the Prius on Saturday, we decided to take a little road trip on Sunday :)

We started by driving down to Jason's (step)dad's house.
 He is a big kid at heart.
He taught the girls about Nerf guns this weekend :)

After that, we headed across the state.
We decided that we LOVE that the Prius gets better mileage on backroads, because there are EXCELLENT photo opps on backroads.  The hubs and I both like to get out our cameras :)

We headed literally clear across the state to our favorite little taco shop :)
If you've been around here for a while, you know that last summer we set a goal to visit every location.
But we missed one.
So, Sunday, that was a destination. (Only we learned that they are opening a new location this summer ~ awesomely, the new location is in an area of huge cultural interest to us, and thus a fab excuse to go there! Woot!)

There was no lack of photo opps at this awesome eatery :)

We then headed to the beach for a little family photo shoot :)