Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a lovely Easter spent with family.

I hope you did as well.

On Friday, the girls and I helped our church secretary fold and stuff over 500 bulletins for Easter Sunday.  It felt good to help.  Our church secretary would have had to work on Saturday had we not helped.  On Sunday, the girls enjoyed knowing that they had been a part of the preparation.

Is little girlhood complete if you have never slept on foam rollers?
My girls actually asked ME to set their hair Saturday night :)

Throughout the year,
A & P took sewing lessons with my {amazing} mom.
They made their own Christmas skirts,
quilted pillowcovers,
American Girl doll clothes....

Aren't they gorgeous??

They were quite happy with themselves,
when all of their church friends begged them to make dresses for them!
And P learned who Shirley Temple was,
because she was so often compared to her by our friends at church ;-)

After church,
we picked up my Grandma
and headed to my {fabulous} uncle's apartment in the city.

Check out this spread:

Fabulous, right?  ;-)

And this...

My uncle has always been a creative guy.
He took classes at the New School,
photography, guitar, still life drawing....
most recently he has been taking pottery classes...
and he has done some amazing work!
I was completely enamored of the above piece,
so he gifted me with it.

My mom's family is Sicilian.
My dad's family is Polish.
In a twist of pure awesomeness their families were friends before they ever even met!
it is common for us to all share holidays.
Fabulous, no?

We adhere to the Sicilian traditions
the Polish traditions.

Quartered hard boiled eggs with shredded horseradish is a Polish Easter custom.
It starts with the oldest person and is passed chronologically to the youngest,
with personal Easter blessings and wishes of new life and gratitude.

Since we were in my Uncle's apartment,
no access to a yard for an Easter egg hunt.
We had an Easter Egg quiz.
Each question leads to another part of the quiz
and at the end there is a pile of fabulous gifts.

My Uncle asked for an idea of what the girls would know.
history of Rome...
Julius Caesar...
ancient Egypt...
They wowed everyone with their knowledge ;-)
and were pretty darn proud of themselves ;-)

P had wanted Nutmeg, American Girl Julie's bunny:

A asked for some books:
(yes, one is a Mother-Daughter Bookclub book that she has already read TWICE
but LOVES so much she wants to own a copy!)

P was psyched for the King Tut book & DVD my Uncle gave her.
She started reading it today!

A was thrilled with a Romulus and Remus statue
that my Uncle gave her:

All the girls:

After my parents
and my brother, sister-in-law and neice went home,
P asked to stay to talk with my Uncle.

We had a nice chat.

Then, the girls asked if we could do a play.
I had brought home a bag of stuff from work,
from the American Girl Club that I used to run at the library.
In it were several plays, with multiple copies - one for each character!
The girls brought the plays with them in hopes we could all perform.
It was a blast!
My uncle played Uncle Gard.
P played Samantha.
A was Nellie.
My Grandma played Grandmary.
I was Mrs. Ryland.
Jason was Eddie, the troublemaker next door, which he really enjoyed!  lol

I am so happy that my girls are growing up surrounded by a warm, loving family.
I am proud that they enjoy being with family so much.
P was so excited to go see my Uncle,
that she had awoken at 4:30am on Easter Sunday...
she sacked out before we hit the tunnel!

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