Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The New "Baby"

I have nothing to say.  Seriously.  I can not think of anything to post about.  I am completely absorbed in finishing our curriculum and making sure that we wring the life out of it and get every morsel of information we can from it.  I am dotting my i's and crossing my t's and just absorbing what an amazing first year of homeschooling this has been.  In addition to school, the girls have been playing in the yard and over at the homes of their public school pals who are off school this week, as well as spending the night with their homeschool pals down the road.  Yes, spring has arrived and children just want to be out & can't contain this enthusiasm!  And since they are so unsocialized, there is little reason to try!  But since they really have not been home that much, except for lessons in the morning....I don't have much to photograph!

All of that being said, since I felt like I should say hi, I will show you our new baby.

Our first DSLR camera was for Jason and we had no idea just how much we would use it.

Now, because of this blog (I've learned so much about photography from other bloggers & am inspired to take more and better photos) I am getting more into photography.

One of the things we LOVE to do together is go on a hike, visit a public garden, drive down a country road...and take photos...we had been talking about getting another camera so we can each have one slung around our necks on our jaunts.

We had considered a few options.  But after reading Ken Rockwell's review of this one, and discovering that I can take photos in the dark of the kids blowing out birthday candles and have them look like it is dark, yet see the images, I was sold.

So we saved our pennies.

And everyone was sold out....and we waited...and we checked hourly daily...and...

Finally we found one :)

My favorite thing right now is the setting for food.  Y'all know how I love to take pictures of my food ;-)

This will probably be hubby's camera, since he is the one that has taken the photography classes and spends his mornings reading the manual cover to cover (I love that about him, even though I never open a manual. ha!).  I'll use our "old" camera on our photo shoots together, but I can use this baby when he is at work ;-)