Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Librarian Homeschools

On Saturday morning,
I posted about our break: Keepin' It Real
When I re-read it,
I thought,
"Gosh, we are still learning and we are on break!
I must stop this at once!"
Well, I didn't actually think the last part.

Since then, the girls came to work with me
and were allowed in to the Storyroom,
where we keep all of books we have TONS of copies of for summer reading.
It struck me that homeschoolers may not realize libraries have this.
If you are interested in having your kids read the same book at the same time to discuss,
ask your librarian what would be available to you.
(i.e., ask about summer reading books they have multiple copies of, there is no reason they SHOULDN'T let you use them, you are a TAXPAYER after all).

My girls have watched and LOVED
the movie Aquamarine,
they were thrilled that there was a book-
and multiple copies at that!

They each took one,
as did I.

A few clicks on the keyboard
(Not atypical for Summer Reading books ;-)

So, we spent some time laying around on our deck,
reading the same book
and using the discussion guide to talk about the
characters & setting,
theme & plot
use of time, use of setting,
all of that good stuff!

Don't tell my girls,
but I think some may consider this
and they may just be "learning"...

hmmmm...unschooling, anyone?
Oh, and btw, Aquamarine is all about summer and a great book if you have girls ;-)